Jeserie Camper/ Founder & Designer


Ever since I was a child, I always watched my mom hand sewing our clothes. One day my mom and I visited my Aunt’s house. My Aunt had a treadle sewing machine, I remember feeling so amazed and surprised that there was such a machine. I really wanted to try it so bad, but I wasn’t old enough yet. I have always been intrigued since that time by sewing.

The very first items I hand sewed were pajamas for my son while I was pregnant. A year after my son was born, in the Philippines, we came to the U.S. to be with my husband. And that was the first time I ever saw a motorized industrial sewing machine. My husband taught me how to use it and that’s when I started making all kinds of things from chair covers, curtains, clothes and bags.

A couple years later my husband and I decided to turn our sewing hobby into a business. So, we rented a commercial space and started accepting more sewing work.

After a decade of making products for our customers, I decided to open a shop to sell my own products and designs. My products and designs reflect my own personality both on the style side and from the manufacturing side. I use high quality leather with simple and user-friendly designs that will serve you well for many years to come.


Jeserie & Company is a maker of fine leather products.

Handmade in South Carolina USA.


Jeserie Camper